Whirlwind STSR358 - SUPER TOUR


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3-way iso split w/TRSP2F transformers.

All Super Tour splitters feature a W4 direct output on the rear, with the option of one or two isolated W4 outputs on the front panel. The 300' FOH cable consists of a 58-ch W4 cable, 12-ch W1 drive cable and AC cable bundled together. This cable coils neatly behind the splitter and exits through a trap door on the rear of the road case.

The Whirlwind Super Tour is an entire 58-ch Concert Series snake system, neatly packed into a single road case. Super Tour packages are very popular with hotels, casinos, convention centers and touring sound companies and include all of the cabling you need for FOH, monitors, and broadcast (optional). Also included is our legendary Patchmaster system, complete with sub snakes.

System Includes:

  • STSCSR358 - (Qty 1) SuperTour Splitter: 58-channel, 3-way ISO w/ Whirlwind TRSP-2F transformers. Direct Out on rear, dual ISO out on front. All outputs on Whirlwind W4 MASS connectors.
  • STSCASE - (Qty 1) SuperTour Road Case w/ removable lid and front, houses all components and cables.
  • STSACPANEL - (Qty 1) SuperTour AC power disconnect panel with LittleLite and USB charger port.
  • PATCHMASTER60 - (Qty 1) PatchMaster system w/ 5 W1 multipin inputs to color-coded tails.
  • STSC5812AC300 - (Qty 1) 300' 3-piece main trunk, joined with heavy duty heatshrink, consists of 1 each:         
    · 58 channel W4 to W4 MASS interconnect cable         
    · 300' 12 channel W1 to W1 drive interconnect cable         
    · 300' 12-3 AC power cable w/ Neutrik Powercon connectors
  • FM562XLW4IRP(I)10SS - (Qty 1) 10' fanout for FOH, 56 inputs, 2 returns.
  • FM562XLW4IRP(I)25SS - (Qty 2) 25' fanouts for split #2 and split #3, 56 inputs, 2 returns.
  • STSD12S1 - (Qty 1) Color-coded Drive Output panel w/ W1 input.
  • STSD12F1 - (Qty 1) 12 channel drive panel for FOH
  • B120NRW1IM50 + COLOUR - (Qty 2) 12 channel drop boxes w/ 50' hardwired cable to W1 (available with detachable box)
  • B120NRW1IM100 + COLOUR - (Qty 3) 12 channel drop boxes w/ 100' hardwired cable to W1 (available with detachable box)