Whirlwind Perfect Ten 10 Band EQ - FXEQ10P

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The new Whirlwind 10 band equalizers were designed by Tony Gambacurta, affectionately referred to as the Guru of modern EQs. Gambacurta has been designing audio products for over 35 years at MXR, ART and Whirlwind. That said, we are proud to announce the release of the THE PERFECT TEN and THE BASS TEN EQs... Tour proven, sonically superior, and American made.

The Whirlwind 10 band equalizer draws on years of equalizer experience to create a studio quality equalizer for live performance and recording. Its constant Q design make adjustment easy and intuitive. (Constant Q means that each band’s frequency width remains the same for small boosts as well as large boosts), giving you unparalleled control and sensitivity. Built in the USA with precision components and world class design, combined with excellent noise and distortion characteristics this pedal allows you to tailor your sound while maintaining a clean signal.